Fashion passes, style remains. Our loving attention given to the smallest detail is a matter of style. These details are the innovations that enable us to set standards worldwide. We conduct research and development with the conviction that we can only deliver what we promise if our ideas find expression in handcrafted products of quality, aesthetic appearance and functionality honed to perfection. Technical precision is one thing, durability is another. The INDIGO ski and snowboard manufactory combines exquisite craftsmanship with technical perfection. To ensure that the quality of our products is always at the highest level we only produce a limited number of items for our collection each season. Quality takes precedence over mass production.
The innate value of our ski products consists of our specially developed tip-to-tail woodcores which, through the delicate harmony between outer carbon, glass and titanal layers, set new standards in ski construction. Phenol sidewalls and nano-high-speed running bases have their origin in racing, making each and every INDIGO ski and snowboard a piece of high-end sports equipment.The unique combination of aesthetic minimalism and perfect workmanship is revealed in every detail.
What is special about the INDIGO Ski?

Core construction 
The patented bamboo core construction guarantees a long lasting camber, since bambooisdeformed plastically during the thermal pressing process due to its natural resin structure .Because of its extreme length of the fiber, bamboo provides an amazing natural flex and the tensile strength of the core exceeds even steel(ST37). 

Raw materials 
For our products we use only hand-picked components and adhesives of the highest qualityfrom professional ski racing. 

Real surfaces with specific technical properties are the basis for exceptional torsional rigidityand a perfect flex: Bamboo, stainless steel / V4A, titanal and carbon. 

Running bases / steel edges 
High-speed ski bases with high wax absorption and micro-finish guarantee excellent sliding properties and excellent repairability. High material strengths of  the circumferential  steel edgesallow frequent services.

Pressing process 
Our skis have a very long pressing process. Resins can perfectly and homogenously crystallizeto avoid residual stresses. Therefore the skis are particularly resistant and guarantee a high permanent elasticity. 

"Made in Germany" - Unique processing quality, hand laminated, each component is individually checked and controlled on material defects. Only when the demand for perfection is followed to the smallest detail, exeptional products can be created which set new standardsevery year. 

Due to the durable sandwich construction, the skis can always be repaired and renewed.Bamboo is one of the fastest renewable resources of the earth. 

We offer our customers the possibility of tuning the skis on  individual needs: Flex, torsion,surface, bond, base and edge tuning.